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Brendan Campbell
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Mogollon Mustangs Cap Off Undefeated Season at Phoenix Playoffs



Friday night saw the Arizona state high school volleyball playoffs at North High School in Phoenix. The story of the night was the undefeated Mustangs from Mogollon High, near the famous Rim, in Heber. Their coach of 12 years, Theresa Kelton explained how much the tournament meant to the girls from this small, rural community a couple hours northwest of Phoenix.

“Most of them are related,” she laughed, “and they do everything together.” Tonight they pulled together to muster a real show of force, continuing their undefeated streak on the way to a potential championship.

The Cronkite 502 Team was there to see the magic in action as they spiked, dived, and served some devastating volleyball, all with a great attitude and unrivaled sportswomanship. And the team sure looked like a family when they rallied to blowout wins, one after another. Mogollon Volleyball is what Arizona high school sports is all about, and Kelton got every bit of excellence out of them tonight!



Beer Glasses How-To


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 Phoenix Herpetological Society Broadcast Package




Angel's Trumpet Ale House

La Cumbre Launch



I visited the famous ale house in the heart of Roosevelt Row for the Arizona launch of storied New Mexico brewery, La Cumbre. As a tap takeover of six special kegs began, the house filled to almost standing room-only.

This is the sort of event Angel’s Trumpet is known for, and owner Sharry Englehorne explained that over five years in business, the struggle has become more to fit as much as she possibly can at a time on to their 31-tap spread, and less how to fill it.

The Phoenix beer scene has exploded in that time, adding a pantheon of new breweries and making regional and national connections with collaborations and expansions. Angel’s Trumpet remains the premiere spot to have your beers featured.

As kegs blew and the event winded-down, customers began to file out and clean up began, preparing the space, and the famous board of beers for the next days’ flavors. Englehorne said special events like the La Cumbre launch are always being planned, and they tend to quickly go viral on Facebook.

Even for a quiet lunch though, Angel’s Trumpet always has something to tickle your personal palette.



Tempe Mountain Park Community Health Center Opens Doors, Serves Thousands



Community health was front and center Wednesday morning, as Mayor Mark Mitchell and other honored guests led the grand opening of a spacious state-of-the-art clinic in the heart of Tempe.

The gleaming, full-service Mountain Park Tempe Community Health Center, at the corner of McClintock and Broadway, is now providing affordable, high-quality healthcare to thousands of underserved Tempe residents. It is especially filling a big void for those who are without insurance, use Arizona’s Medicaid program, or whom depend on the federal Women, Infants, and Children program (WIC).

“Mountain Park’s model of patient-centered medical care is desperately needed, not only in this part of town, but in the whole region,” said Mayor Mark Mitchell, “it’s something that’s a great model. Mountain Park offers comprehensive healthcare, including women’s health, pediatrics, as well as family medicine, and it…feels like Tempe.”

“Our goal is to go to places where there aren’t a lot of other doctors’ offices,” said John Swagert, Mountain Park CEO, “We’re trying to take down barriers that keep people from getting the healthcare that they need, one of those being just simple location and accessibility.”

Swagert is an obstetrician who has delivered about 2300 babies he calls “Mountain Park Babies”–those who received their prenatal care at Mountain Park centers, then were mostly birthed at in Banner hospitals, a large medical group that has a long-standing partnership with Mountain Park.

Joining the Mayor was Councilwoman Lauren Kulby, an early supporter of the project, who has said she believes so much in the project that she switched her own primary healthcare to Mountain Park. This sort of investment from community leadership has helped prompt a big response from Tempe residents.

“Since we’ve opened, I think we’re averaging about eight people just walking in per day, that just wanted to figure out how to become patients here,” said Essen Otu, Senior Director for Diversity and Community Affairs. Since it opened its doors, the clinic has already doubled its initial patient load, and expects to triple it soon.

“We probably could have done it faster if we had skipped some of the stakeholder steps. If we hadn’t asked for as much advice, and hadn’t involved as many people,” Swagert told the assembled crowd. “The reason is because, by involving so many people, we got a better product. We got something that’s tuned to the city of Tempe, tuned to the community, and we strongly believe that people own what they helped to build.”